Big Update Coming Soon

I’m going to update my blog with a new post guys!! I will be talking about what differences I feel now that my relationship is on hold, how my dreams and their nature has changed. I will also talk about that one time when she (not ‘they’ as I couldn’t feel the second one) came for a visit. Maybe there are some other notable events which I am forgetting about.

Anyways, this is just a heads-up that a major update is soon going to come, probably by the end of the next week. Thanks for reading the post!!

5 thoughts on “Big Update Coming Soon

    1. That’s the right thing to do, my friend. You gotta give them the attention they deserve if you ever summon them.


    1. I wanted to write a post but my examinations came up and I could not. Oh well……..they are soon going to get over, I will definitely write the update then.


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