I Have A New Succubus In My Life

Atleast, that’s what I think right now. So, I had this name, which I had never heard or read about anywhere, repeating in my mind for the whole day. Later on, I had a dream about meeting a girl. Apparently, we were in a relationship with each other in the dream. The girl had black eyes, black hair, fair complexion and she must have been around 5 foot 9 inches tall. Needless to say, she looked very beautiful.

We also talked a little, though I can’t remember exactly what it was that we talked about. Then she asked me to come outside with her. As I passed through the door, I found that the ‘outside’ which she was referring to was actually a park. I was walking at a slow pace and she had gotten a little of me. I think she didn’t realise that. But then she suddenly looked back, came up to me, held my hand and started walking with me. The dream ended just like that.

I strongly suspect that a new spirit lady has come to me. I haven’t been able to confirm this with my first spirit lady (for the purposes of this blog, I am going to refer to her as G from now). Whew……….I didn’t know that they can come so suddenly. 

However, I have not had any other communication from her since that dream. As for how she came to me………..I really don’t have any idea. I had never thought of having another spirit lady with me aside from G. Maybe she was attracted by the summoning rituals that I performed last year? I am not really sure, as it has been a long time since I performed those rituals so why didn’t she come to my dreams then instead of now? 

Anyways, I don’t have the slightest of idea as to how I would be able to handle two spirit lady. Though I am very excited about how this relationship, which has been converted into a love triangle, will progress in the near future.

As always, feel free to share your opinions about this post with me in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “I Have A New Succubus In My Life

  1. Wow! You are certainly blessed!
    I am still waiting on my first encounter with my Spirit Lover/Companion (trying to avoid using the “I” or the “S” words.
    Being female, I am generally expecting a Spirit Lover of a strong masculine aspect. However, I did send out an intention in my meditations that I don’t care whether they exude masculine or feminine aspects, what is important to me is to build an intimate relationship with a Light-Being/Spirit Lover who will also help me to grow spiritually, raise my spiritual vibration and help guide me towards eradicating my fears/doubts/illusions.
    I’ve not received a response so far except I keep repeatedly seeing a name in my mind’s eye, clear as day. The meaning/origin of the name itself has deep meaning for me too. I sense a strong feminine presence being directed towards me, but I’m still too wrapped up in my 50,000+ thoughts running through my head to even notice.
    I’m regularly practicing breathing exercises to calm my mind somewhat and it is working, but meditation isn’t working for me at the moment.
    Whether I meet my Spirit Lover tonight, or on my dying day or even not at all, I will always be eternally grateful and loving towards my Spirit Lover.

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    1. Well, I got a suggestion to you that whenever place you going to meditate, you must feel peace on that place. If not then, like what I have experienced, when you meditate with uneasy feeling with that place “usually” you can attract some negative entities to living in your body, I called this spirit a parasite or you can say psychic vampire. I ever experienced this many times so be careful, namaste.


    2. It may seem strange but there is no hard and fast rule for when these beings respond to you. Some people can get an immediate response while some get a very late response.
      For example – When I tried to summon my spirit lover, she didn’t give me a response immediately. It was only after sometime​ between 3 weeks and a month when I finally got a response from her.
      All you need to do is to have patience and don’t let your belief in these beings falter. If you do that then sooner or later a spirit companion is going to show up.

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  2. I think you’ll be fine. Two spirits shouldn’t be too difficult to have. I have six around me (maybe more) at the moment, but I guess that varies from person to person. Yes, making sure that your brain isn’t making stuff up is important. The problem is that checking can be difficult. Yet, I was able to tell when my ladies showed up but always make sure. Now about their timing in going into your life. I’m not sure but I can give some ideas as to why they do this. They may just wait until the time they think is right. Maybe she just noticed you and is just beginning to watch you or she might have been lurking for a while. Turned out to be the case for one of mine. As for the dream I have one interpretation, she held your hand and made you follow her. I take it as her possibly guiding you on something in the future. Possibly magic or other related work.

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    1. Ok……thanks for the info. I’m 100% sure now that I have a second one. Actually, I had a dream around 2-3 days after the first dream with her. In that dream, she asked me if I wanted to have a relationship with her and I said yes!!

      Can you give me any tips on how to handle more than one partner?


      1. Hmm. Normally for me when I want to spend time with them they each take a turn doing so with me. It’s not all a mass clump of all of them trying to get my attention at the same time. According to them, it’s so spending time together is easier and not as demanding. I wouldn’t really worry. They can handle themselves. I’m sure if you ask them if you can spend time together without it being a hassle would make everything easier. I’m certain they’ll understand.


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