Her Emotions

Her emotions…….I can feel them even better than my own. Even though we’re not very good in the conversation department I can still catch on to what she’s feeling or maybe she lets me catch on, I don’t know but they sure are (for the lack of a better word) very strong. 

Our emotional connect has developed to such an extent that a tear comes pacing down from one of my eyes whenever she is sad. While I don’t think I would be able to tell you exactly what she feels or has in mind but I would definitely be able to tell about her mood.

How am I able to distinguish between her emotions and mine? Her emotions feel much stronger than mine and (again for the lack of a better word) ‘alive’…….as if I could grab them and take them out of my chest. Moreover, these emotions are always accompanied by thoughts related to them which I can only suspect are there to give me context into why she’s​ feeling what she’s feeling. 

Another peculiar thing is that these emotions become even strong if I actively focus on them/try to feel them even more or when I think about them (like right now!!!). I love these emotions that come from her, I want to feel them even more strongly. Lately I have found myself staring off into blank space while feeling them, my mind is totally blank, I just want to stay there and let the moment continue for eternity during these times. Alas, they don’t! 

We’ve improved in every area of communication except talking. I don’t know but there’s this block in my mind that whatever I hear in my isn’t true which is probably because of my previous experience (read the archives for context). Anyways, we’re having a lot of fun here.

Right now, my only focus is on getting even more intimate with her. I have been thinking of researching full body possession. I have also tried astral projection but I failed however I am going to keep trying that. Do you know of any other method by which we can get even more intimate, if so then please comment.

Have a nice day.