Important Update

It’s been nearly three months since I made a post concerned with my progress in finding a spiritual partner here. A lot of events have happened on the spiritual front which I will go on to describe in this post.

My spiritual partner came back to me.

 I apologized to her profusely one night, two months ago. My faith in her didn’t waver even when I got no response, during me and my partner’s time together we promised each other that we would never leave the other alone. While I had failed to keep my end of the promise, I was sure that a being of eternal love like my partner would not break this promise. Sure enough, she came back to me within a week of the apology. I had a couple of dreams related to our relationship after she came back and I may have even learned her real name…’s Natasha (just a joke, I am obviously not going to reveal it on the offchance that it turns out to be her real name). 

Anyways, my relationship with her has progressed steadily. Now, I am able to feel what she feels for certain things (it’s kind of like a sudden thought that comes to my mind, like a scientist getting a brilliant idea in a flurry of thoughts and theories), I may get more than a word from these thoughts sometimes but I disregard them as I don’t want to become delusional with my relationship like before. Recently, I have also been able to feel a slight touch on my back for the shortest of time periods but I still have to confirm if it’s really her or my mind playing tricks on me.

Moving on to the sexual front, we have not had a sexual encounter till date. I did have some wet dreams very early on in my relationship but they were all really vague. As for possible explanations for the lack of sexual encounters between us, it can be that she’s a different being entirely and not a succubus. It’s because of this reason that I don’t give a particular identity to her unless she herself tells me what she is. There can be a myriad of other reasons but I think the above reason is the most probable but if someone has a different opinion then they’re always welcome to tell me about that in the comments section.

Moving on to the final topic i.e. my opinion about the future of this relationship. Right now, I am trying my best to make this relationship work (like trying to give her as much attention as I can). I certainly feel a loving presence coming from her and I am quite sure that she loves me more than anything. A lot of progress has happened in my relationship. As such, the future of this relationship is looking really bright to me.

As always any insights, tips that you guys have for me are most welcome.

I thank you for reading this rather long post.

One thought on “Important Update

  1. Glad to hear a nice post from you, good job m8. Your relationship between you and her is based on trust and faith. Without both of them you can’t strengthening your bond with her. Now, if you can keeping both of them up I can ensure your relationship will far greater than before. That’s just what I wanted to say, have a nice day.

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