It’s Time To Share The Right Information

Searching the internet, I have found that most of the major have a wrong or misguided viewpoint of succubi. To counter that, I have made a wikia blog dedicated to succubi (link: here).

However, I don’t think that I will be able to do this new blog justice alone. So, I’m looking for people who are willing to post on this blog and help me spread the word. If anyone is up for the task then please comment.

12 thoughts on “It’s Time To Share The Right Information

    1. Here you go ā€“

      Please don’t be bummed by the bare state of the wikia blog. I have been super-busy lately and I have not been able to keep this blog updated let alone the new wikia one.
      BTW, Please spread word about this wikia among our community if you can. We need as many contributors as we can get to make this venture successful.

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    1. Let us just focus on writing the basic stuff for now like a detailed article on what Succubi really are, another article on the how this type of relationship progresses like that. After that, we can think of some other ideas for posts.


    2. Though I do think that right now our blog is dealing with a very particular subject. It’s inevitable that we will run out of ideas for posts. In that case, we are going to have to expand our subject pool. What’s your opinion on this?


    1. THANKS, Man……No….Really. I had lost all hope that the wikia blog could become a success though now I can see it turning into a success because of you and other members of our community. Thanks for getting the word out there.


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