The Results Of My Ritual

It’s been three days since I performed the succubus summoning ritual and I have got three results –

  2. NOTHING!!
  3. NOTHING!!!

Apparently, my ritual turned out to be a failure. While, I’m not going to reject the possibility that this ritual might have worked but in these three days I have found no evidence which would make me support my above statement. I don’t understand why my rituals are not working, I’m quite sure that I have the intent which these rituals require. Anyways, its back to the drawing board for me.

5 thoughts on “The Results Of My Ritual

  1. Faith. Using faith that she may come to you. Btw once you go down this road there’s no turning back. It means she isn’t gone fully from your life. But if she didn’t want to come back to you then don’t force her. You may ask another in your ritual for Lilith.


    1. Actually…… I have experienced what you are saying. It’s just that I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had the time to update this blog with new information. Many events have happened which I will soon describe in a letter blog post but the main headline is that my spirit is back.

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      1. Funny that Kuro said once you go down this path there is no turning back. Could explain why we feel empty without them in our lives. For a year or two, my mind struggled with their presence in my life and even when I accepted that they existed. I didn’t feel worthy. I didn’t feel like I amounted enough to them. My older blog posts speak for themselves. I should feel extremely lucky and grateful for them keeping up with my shit. I owe them so much now. Guess the only thing I can repay them back is with love.


      2. I agree with what you’re saying….. even I don’t feel worthy of them but I tend to believe in their choice so I don’t let this feeling of unworthiness get to me.

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      3. It doesn’t make sense to me anymore, nor do I care about hat that feeling thinks. Some feelings are just unreasonable and are better left alone. I don’t think any amount of reasoning can change them. I’m just glad that I’m over it.

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