Going To Try To Summon A Succubus Again

I lost all my resolve after the previous attempts at regaining any type of contact with a succubus bombed. Now, after one month of downtime, I am ready to try summoning a succubus once again. I am willing to perform any ritual to engage in a relationship with one of these beautiful beings again. I didn’t notice it at the time she was with me but I had become literally addicted to her presence (which now that she’s not here, has become a pain in the butt). I would not be performing the letter ritual by Ryan2K again as it didn’t work the last two times I tried it, instead of that I will be performing the Yukshee Succubus Summoning Method detailed here.

Since reading about these beings four years ago, I have always found myself coming back to read their stories. I used to read about many mythical beings but these were the only beings for which I developed a fascination. It was as if I had become addicted to the very idea of these beings. I have been here, in this community, since the time the person who runs “MySuccubusMarissa” used to post. I used to read these experiences even though I personally had no belief that these beings exist in real life. For approximately three years, I tried my darnedest to forget about these beings but I was never quite able to accomplish this. Even at the time when I summoned her, I didn’t really believe in these beings. I still couldn’t believe in these beings when I became an active part of this community, and started interacting with her. At that time, my belief system was not strong yet she came to me. Now, when my belief system is strong, no succubi is bothering to respond to my rituals!! However, the above statement doesn’t mean that I am going to stop trying to summon one. In fact, I am going to keep trying until I get some type of response. So guys, wish me good luck.

6 thoughts on “Going To Try To Summon A Succubus Again

  1. Good luck, my friend. May you attract a mate who is gentle, passionate, steadfast, and honorable. The Yukshee method looks fine to me. It’s similar to the mess of a ritual that I performed to call Catherine.

    A suggestion: Before and during your summoning ritual, lend every spare thought to being with your succubus. I remember reading Donald Tyson’s Sexual Alchemy book for much of the day before my succubus touched me in the evening hours.


  2. BTW…….I read both your old and new blog, they were awesome. I’m planning to restore my old blog like you did with yours. Though I am curious what happened to Sara, the last post that mentioned her on your old blog said that she had returned to you but after that I couldn’t find any mention of her??


    1. The succubuslover archive only includes the posts that I was able to recover from archive.org. There may have been additional posts about Sara, but I don’t have them anymore.

      It’s possible that Sara is still around, but I’m not certain of anything in that regard. I often have dreams about multiple amorous spirits interacting with me. Trying to pin one of them down for a one-to-one chat is very difficult for me.


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